[Adapt] Spring Outing Adjustments

Luo Kangqi luo.kangqi at qq.com
Sun May 20 17:57:35 CST 2018

Hi Adapters,

We decide to postpone the outing for one week, so that we can have better preparation for train tickets and accommodations.

 ========The current plan: =========
Set out the trip at Friday evening (June 1st);  (not occupying all the day)
Return to Shanghai at Sunday night (June 3rd), may be extended to Monday morning if we go far away.
Candidate destinations are unchanged: 
1) 苏州   2) 无锡   3) 南京   4) 千岛湖


Previously, 12 Adapters replied me their choices:
  Willing to go: Kenny, Kangqi, Jessie, Yizhu, Shanshan, Kelsey, Fengli, Gavin, Yunyan
  Can't go: Zilu, Xiaoqing
  Not sure: Mengxue

Remind that our time has changed to June 1-3, I need your latest feedback for your preferences!
Please reply to this email and cc me (luo.kangqi at qq.com) with your up to top 2 choices of destination. Also, only vote if you can join us in the trip.

Best Regards,
Kangqi Luo, PhD Candidate
ADAPT Lab, Department of Computer Science
SEIEE 3-341, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,
No. 800 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai, China


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Dear ADAPTers:


We are planning a spring (or is it summer already) outing after EMNLP next week. The current plan is 2-3 days outing next weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). We have a few destinations in mind:


1.      Suzhou

2.      Wuxi

3.      Nanjing

4.      千岛湖(建德)


Again, I will take care of the two-way train tickets and the accommodation in the city from my grant and the rest of the cost will be split by all of us.


Now we need your vote to decide where to go! Please reply to this email and cc Kangqi with your up to top 2 choices of destination. Please note that only vote if you can make it next weekend (May 25-27 inclusive). We need to tally the headcount. 


Looking forward to your responses!


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