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Exploiting Webpage Characteristics for Energy-Efficient Mobile Web Browsing

Yuhao Zhu, Aditya Srikanth, Jingwen Leng, Vijay Janapa Reddi

In IEEE Computer Architecture Letters(CAL), Sep. 2012


Web browsing on mobile devices is undoubtedly the future. However, with the increasing complexity of webpages, the mobile device’s computation capability and energy consumption become major pitfalls for a satisfactory user experience. In this paper, we propose a mechanism to effectively leverage processor frequency scaling in order to balance the performance and energy consumption of mobile web browsing. This mechanism explores the performance and energy tradeoff in webpage loading, and schedules webpage loading according to the webpages’ characteristics, using the different frequencies. The proposed solution achieves 20.3% energy saving compared to the performance mode, and improves webpage loading performance by 37.1% compared to the battery saving mode.