One Paper of Yanmin Zhu listed as One of the 25 Most Downloaded Papers in IEEE Sensors Journal

Released Time: 2014-01-02

Lately, Associate Professor Yanmin Zhu received one letter from IEEE Sensors Council, congratulating him on that one of his papers, entitled “When 3G Meets VANET: 3G-Assisted Data Delivery in VAVENTs”, was one of the “25 Most Downloaded Papers in IEEE Sensors Journal” in the month of September, 2013.


The complete paper information is as follows.

Qingwen Zhao, Yanmin Zhu, Chao Chen, Hongzi Zhu, Bo Li, When 3G Meets VANET: 3G-Assisted Data Delivery in VAVENTs, IEEE Sensors Journal, Vol. 13, No. 10, 2013

It is exciting to note that included in this count are all Sensors Journal papers published since its foundation, about 1000 papers in total.

The IEEE Sensors Journal is a peer-reviewed, monthly online, bi-monthly print journal devoted to sensors and sensing phenomena. It is published by the IEEE Sensors Council, which consists of 25 IEEE Technical Societies with a combined membership of over 260,000. This journal has an SCI IF of 1.475, which is also listed as a B class journal by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


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