Discipline Construction

Computer science and technology” is the first-level discipline of CSE Department of SJTU. Granted the qualification of conferring Doctoral degree in 2000, it comprises of three second-level disciplines, namely “computer software and theory”, “computer system structure” and “computer application”. In 2002, “computer software and theory” was rated as the national key discipline, the only one for the computer science discipline in universities and colleges in Shanghai. It then successfully passed the five-year assessment of the national key discipline in 2007, which, plus the fact that “computer application” was recognized as the national key discipline, made “computer science and technology” a national key first-level discipline.


To further develop the discipline and meet the society’s needs, CSE Department, while carrying on the traditional disciplinary framework, has introduced talents of different specialties and formed seven research institutes:

  • Institute of Parallel and Distributed Computing
  • Institute of Network and Service Computing
  • Institute of Theoretical Computer Science
  • Institute of Cryptography and Information Security
  • Institute of Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction
  • Institute of Computer Application
  • Institute of Computer Architecture


With its highly internationalized teaching staff, the department endeavors to conduct “international advanced and original academic researches” and build internationally renowned research teams. It aims to “create an internationally excellent discipline of computer science” in regards to talent cultivation, scientific research and academic standing.

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