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Lab: The China Ministry of Education (MOE) - Microsoft Key Laboratory of Intelligent Computing and System

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◇?Computational model for Perception and Cognition
Learning and Memory in Cortical Networks, Visual Neural Representation and Coding, Visual Global Feature Analysis; Object Recognition, Multimodal Computational Model

◇?Brain-Computer Interface and Brain Signal Processing
Brain EEG Signal Processing, Evoked Potential Analysis and Localization, Brain-Computer System Design, EEG Pattern Recognition, EEG based Person authentication

◇?Machine Learning and Inference
Independent Component Analysis, Sparse Representation, Tensor Factorization and Analysis, Information Geometry

1979~1983  Bachelor Degree, Department of Mathematics, Hangzhou University 
1983~1995  Master Program, Department of Computer Science, Zhongshan University
1985~1988  PhD Degree, Department of Computer Science, Zhongshan University

2002.9~ Now,  Professor, Department of Computer Science, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. 
1997.11-2002.08,Research Scientist, RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan. 
1995.11-1997.10,Professor, School of Electrics and Information, South China University of Technology   
1990.11-1995.10,  Associate Professor, School of Electrics and Information, South China University of Technology 
1988.07-1990.10,Lecturer, School of Electrics and Information, South China University of Technology

Artificial Intelligence (For undergraduate students) (http://bcmi.sjtu.edu.cn/ai/) 

Statistical Learning (For Graduate Student) (http://bcmi.sjtu.edu.cn/statLearning/) 
1. Qibin Zhao, Cesar F. Caiafa, Danilo P. Mandic, Zenas C. Chao, Yasuo Nagasaka, Naotaka Fujii, Liqing Zhang and Andrzej Cichocki, Higher-Order Partial Least Squares (HOPLS): A Generalized Multi-Linear Regression Method, IEEE PAMI, Accepted, 2013 

2. Zhenbang Sun, Changhu Wang, Liqing Zhang, and Lei Zhang, Free Hand-Drawn Sketch Segmentation, 12th European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV2012), Firenze, Italy, Oct.7-13, 2012  

3. Zhenbang Sun, Changhu Wang, Liqing Zhang and Lei Zhang, Query-Adaptive Shape Topic Mining for Hand-Drawn Sketch Recognition, ACM Multimedia 2012, Nara, Japan, Oct 29-Nov 2, 2012 

4. Rong Zhou, Liuli Chen and Liqing Zhang, Sketch-based Image Retrieval on a Large Scale Database, ACM Multimedia 2012, Nara, Japan, Oct 29-Nov 2, 2012

5. Junhua Li and Liqing Zhang, Active training paradigm for motor imagery BCI, Experimental Brain Research,  219(2): 245-254, Apr 5, 2012 

6. Wenjun Zhu, Liqing Zhang, Qianwei Bian, A hierarchical latent topic model based on sparse coding, Neurocomputing,  76(1): 28-35, January 2012 

7. Yang Cao, Wang Changhu, Zhang Liqing, Lei Zhang, Edgel Inverted Index for Large-Scale Sketch-based Image Search, CVPR2011, Colorado Springs, 2011 

8. Qiang Wu, Liqing Zhang and Guangchuan Shi, Robust Multifactor Speech Feature Extraction Based on Gabor Analysis, IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, Vol.19(4): 927-936, 2011   

9. Q. Zhao, C. Caiafa, D. Mandic, L. Zhang, T. Ball, A. Bonhage, A. Cichocki, A Multilinear Subspace Regression Method Using Orthogonal Tensors Decompositions, 25th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS 2011), Granada, Spain, 2011

10. Yang Cao, Hai Wang, Changhu Wang, Zhiwei Li, Liqing Zhang, Lei Zhang, *MindFinder: Interactive Sketch-based Image Search on Millions of Images, ACM Multimedia 2010, pp1605-1608 (Best Demo Award), October 25-29, Firenze, Italy 

11. Yang Cao, Changhu Wang, Zhiwei Li, Liqing Zhang, Lei Zhang, Spatial-Bag-of-Features, CVPR2010, June 14-16, 2010, San Francisco, USA. 

12. Cheng Peng, Liqing Zhang, and Teresa Head-Gordon, Instantaneous Normal Modes as an Unforced Reaction Coordinate for Protein Conformational Transitions, Biophysical Journal, 2010 May 19;98(10):2356-64 

13. Jie Li, Liqing Zhang, Regularized tensor discriminant analysis for single trial EEG classification in BCI, Pattern Recognition Letters 31: 619–628, (2010)

14. Qibin Zhao, Liqing Zhang and Andrzej Cichocki, EEG-based asynchronous BCI  control of a car in 3D virtual reality environments, Chinese Science Bulletin, 54(1):78-87, 2009  

15. Jie Li, Liqing Zhang, Dacheng Tao, Han Sun and Qibin Zhao, A Prior Neurophysiologic Knowledge Free Tensor-based Scheme for Single Trial EEG Classification,  IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 17(2):107-115,2009

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17. Cichocki, Y. Washizawa, T. Rutkowski, H. Bakardjian, A. Phan, S. Choi, H. Lee,  Q. Zhao, L. Zhang, and Y. Li, Noninvasive Brain-Computer Interface: Current Trends and Challenges in Signal Processing - Multiway Array Decompositions,  IEEE Computer Invited Paper, Vol. 41(10), pp.34-42, October, 2008

18. Libo Ma, and Liqing Zhang, Overcomplete topographic independent component analysis, Neurocomputing, Volume 71, Issues 10-12, Pages 2217-2223, June 2008

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20. Xiaodi Hou, Liqing Zhang, Color Conceptualization, ACM Multimedia (ACMMM2007), September 24 - 29, 2007, Augsburg, Germany.

21. Xiaodi  Hou and  Liqing  Zhang, Saliency Detection: A Spectral Residual Approach, IEEE Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR '07), 17-22, Minneapolis, MN, USA. June , 2007.  

22. L. Zhang, A. Cichocki and S. Amari, Multichannel Channel Blind Deconvolution of Non-minimum Phase Systems Using Filter Decomposition, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing,  Vol. 52, No5, pp1431-1442, 2004  

23. L. Zhang, A. Cichocki and S. Amari, Self-Adaptive Blind Source Separation Based on Activation function Adaptation, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, Vol.15, No.2, pp233-244, 2004

◇?Visual Event Modelling and Recognition in Dynamic Scene, Supported by National Science Foundation of China (NSFC), (2013-2016) 
◇?Multimodal Bilateral Brain Computer Interface and Applications, Supported by National Science Foundation of China (NSFC Major Project), (2012-2015) 
◇?Brain Computer Interface and Motor Functional Rehabilitation, Supported by the NSFC-JSPS International Cooperation Program (  2011—2013)
◇?Remote ECG Diagnosis Platform and Applications to Community Hospitals (2012-2013)
◇?Image Enhancement and Sketch-based Image Search (2011-2013)

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