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Lab: Network and Mobile Computing Laboratory

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Mobile Computing
Social Networks
Wireless Sensor Networks
Distributed Computing

Ph.D. in Computer Software and Theory, Shanghai Jiaotong University, 2004
M.S.  in Computer Organization and Architecture, Shanghai University, 2001
B.S.  in Computer Software, Shanghai University, 1998

2013.3 ~ present       Visiting Scholar, University of Texas at Austin
2004.9 ~ present       Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2009.1 ~ 2010.1        Visiting Scholar, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology 
2005.4 ~ 2005.7        Visiting Scholar, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 
1.Operation Systems
2.Computer Networks
3.Discreet Mathematics 
?    Jun Qin, Hongzi Zhu, Yanmin Zhu, Li Lu, Guangtao Xue and Minglu Li, "POST: Exploiting Dynamic Sociality for Mobile Advertising in Vehicular Networks", to appear in INFOCOM 2014.
?    Haofu Han, Jiadi Yu, Hongzi Zhu, Yingying Chen, Jie Yang, Yanmin Zhu, Guangtao Xue and Minglu Li, "SenSpeed: Sensing Driving Conditions to Estimate Vehicle Speed in Urban Environments", to appear in INFOCOM 2014.
?    Qingwen Zhao, Yanmin Zhu, Hongzi Zhu, Jian Cao, Guangtao Xue and Bo Li, "Fair Energy-efficient Sensing Task Allocation in Participatory Sensing with Smartphones," to appear in INFOCOM 2014.

?    Haofu Han, Jiadi Yu, Hongzi Zhu, Yingying Chen, Jie Yang, Guangtao Xue, Yanmin Zhu, Minglu Li, "E^3: Energy-Efficient Engine for Frame Rate Adaptation on Smartphones", to appear in Proceedings of ACM Sensys 2013
?    Xin Dong, Jiadi Yu, Yuan Luo, Yingying Chen, Guangtao Xue, Minglu Li, "P2E: Privacy-preserving and Effective Cloud Data Sharing Service", to appear in Proceedings of Globecom 2013
?    Chaoqun Yue, Guangtao Xue, Hongzi Zhu, Jiadi Yu, Minglu Li, "S^3: Characterizing Sociality for User-Friendly Steady Load Balancing in Enterprise WLANs", to appear in Proceedings of ICDCS 2013 (Acceptance rate 13%)
?    Jiadi Yu, Peng Lu, Yanmin Zhu, Guangtao Xue, Minglu Li, "Towards Secure Multi-Keyword Top-k Retrieval over Encrypted Cloud Data", to appear in IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (TDSC), 2013
?    Fei Yu, Guangtao Xue, Hongzi Zhu, Zhenxian Hu, Minglu Li and Gong Zhang, "Cutting without Pain: Mitigating 3G Radio Tail Effect on Smartphones," to appear in Proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM 2013 (Mini-conference).
?    Guangtao Xue, Qi He, Hongzi Zhu, Tian He, Yunhuai Liu, "Sociality-aware Access Point Selection in Enterprise Wireless LANs", IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS), 2013

?    Guangtao Xue, Qingnan Zou, Yuan Luo, Jiadi Yu, "A novel vehicular location prediction based on mobility patterns for routing in urban VANET", to appear in EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 2012
?    Guangtao Xue, Yuan Luo, Ke Zhang, Hongzi Zhu, "Real-time urban traffic information estimation with a limited number of surveillance cameras", to appear in Frontiers of Computer Science, 2012
?    Peng Lu, Jiadi Yu, Xin Dong, Guangtao Xue, Minglu Li: Privacy-Aware Multi-Keyword Top-k Search over Untrust Data Cloud. ICPADS 2012:252-259

?    Yunhuai Liu, Yanmin Zhu, Lionel Ni, Guangtao Xue, "A Reliability-oriented Transmission Service in Wireless Sensor Networks," IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS), Vol.22, Issue: 12, Dec. 2011.
?    Hongzi Zhu, Minglu Li, Luoyi Fu, Guangtao Xue, Yanmin Zhu and Lionel M. Ni, "Impact of Traffic Influxes: Revealing Exponential Inter-Contact Time in urban VANETs," IEEE TRANSACTIONS on Parallel and Distributed SYSTEMS (TPDS), Vol.22, Issue: 8, Aug. 2011.

?    Zhaoqing Jia, Guangtao Xue, Xinhua Tang, Pengzhou Zhang, Jinyuan You, "Trust Management Mechanism in Unstructured P2P," Journal of Computer Research and Development, 2009.
?    Guangtao Xue, Zhongwei Li, Hongzi Zhu, Yunhuai Liu, "Traffic-Known Urban Vehicular Route Prediction Based on Partial Mobility Patterns," In Proceedings of 2009 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS2009) , Shenzhen, China
?    Hong-Yu Huang, Guangtao Xue, Minglu Li and Min-You Wu, "Characteristics of a Large Scale Vehicular Ad hoc Network from GPS Traces," International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks (IJDSN).

?    Xi Zhou, Guangtao Xue, Cheng Qian, Minglu Li, "Efficient Data Suppression for Wireless Sensor Networks," In Proceedings of 2008 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS2008), Dec 8, Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
?    Guangtao Xue, Jinsheng Feng, Minglu Li, "A Passive Geographical Routing Protocol in VANET Based on Realistic Vehicular Traces," In Proceedings of 2008 International Conference on Asia-Pacific Services Computing (APSCC2008), Dec 10, 2008, Yilan, Taiwan.
?    Guangtao Xue, Jiadi Yu, Jinyuan You, "Building Hierarchical BitTorrent-like Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Systems Based on Proximity-Aware Peer Clustering," Chinese Journal of Electronics, Vol. 36, No.2, 2008 

?    Guangtao Xue, Qunhua Pan, Minglu Li, "A New Semantic-based Query Processing Architecture, International Conference on Parallel Processing Workshops," ICPPW 2007 
?    Guangtao Xue, Yi Jiang, Jinyuan You, "A Topology-Aware Hierarchical Structured Overlay Network based on Locality Sensitive Hashing Scheme," ACM Proceedings of the High Performance Distributed Computing, June 26, 2007, Monterey, California, USA.
?    Yi Jiang, Guangtao Xue, and Jinyuan You, "Toward Fault-tolerant Atomic Data Access in Mutable Distributed Hash Tables," in the Processing of the First International Multi-symposiums on Computer and Computational Sciences (IMSCCS06), Los Alamitos, California, USA, Vol. 1, pp. 485-490, 2006.
?    Yi Jiang, Guangtao Xue, and Jinyuan You. "DTuples: A Distributed Hash Table based Tuple Space Service for Distributed Coordination," In Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Grid and Cooperative Computing. pp.101-106. October 2006
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?    Guangtao Xue,Minglu Li,Qianni Deng, Jinyuan You, "Stable Group Model in Mobile Peer-to-Peer Media Streaming System," The 1st IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems (MASS2004), 2004.
?    Guangtao Xue, Hua Shi, Jinyuan You, Wensheng Yao, "Distributed Stable-Group Differentiated Admission Control Algorithm in Mobile Peer-to-Peer Media Streaming System," China Journal of Electronics, Vol.40, 2003. 
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?    Xiaojian He, Xinhuai Tang, Jinyuan You, Guangtao Xue, "Network-aware multicasting for video-on-demand services. IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics," Vol.50, Issue: 3, Aug. 2004. Pages: 864 – 869. 
   Key 863 Program, Big Data Processing Technology in Smart City, sponsored by The Ministry of Science and Technology of China, 2011-2013,
?    MIIT Major Projects for NGB, Industrialization and Development of Low-power wWireless sSensors and gGateways in WSN, sponsored by The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, 2009-2011
?    NSFC, Research on Optimal Design in Wireless Networks based on Social Behavior Analysis of Mobile Users,sponsored by The Natural Science Foundation of China, 2012-2015
?    NSFC, Research on Vehicle Mobility Models and Communication Protocols in Urban Vehicular Ad Hoc Network,sponsored by The Natural Science Foundation of China, 2010-2012
?    NSFC, Reliable Response Delivery in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Systems,sponsored by The Natural Science Foundation of China, 2007-2009
?    NSFC, Autonomous Behaveiour Model Research and Its Application in P2P Networks,sponsored by National The Natural Science Foundation of China, 2006-2007
?    Intel Research Council, Improving 1:1 Education Deployments through WiMAX and E2E Clouds, Intel Corporation, 2010-2011
?    Intel Research Council, Shanghai Jiao Tong - Intel Joint Lab project: NGB Campus Test-bed Network, Intel Corporation, 2009-2010
?    Intel Research Council, Integrated Wireless Architecture with Mobile WiMAX For the Enterprise, Intel Corporation, 2007-2008
?    Intel Research Council, Virtual Research Platform of Shanghai Urban Transportation based on a Mobile Peer-to-Peer System, Intel Corporation, 2006-2007
?    Huawei Research Fund, Analysis and Simulation of Large-scale User Behavior in 3G Networks, sponsored by Huawei Corporation, 2010-2011
?    Huawei Research Fund, M2M Low-power Protocols and Algorithms in WSN, sponsored by Huawei Corporation, 2010-2011

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