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Lab: Wireless and Sensor Networks Laboratory

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parallel distributed computing, wireless netwks, sens netwks, multimedia overlay netwks, intelligent traffic infmation systems, high perfmence computingbr / div br / /div
ph.d. in electrical engineering, santa clara university, califnia, december 1984.br / m.s. in electrical engineering, graduate school of chinese academia of sciences, beijing,br / china, july 1981.br /
ed journal papersbr / br / br / l. kong, m. zhao, w. shu m.y. wu, "surface coverage in sens netwks," ieee transactions on parallel distributed systems, 2013.br / br / br / x. li, h. huang, x. yu, w. shu, m. li m.y. wu, "a new paradigm f urban surveillance with vehicular sens netwks", computer communications, vol.34, no.10, pp.11591168, july 2011. br / br / br / j. crichigno, m.y. wu, s.k. jayaweera w. shu,"throughput optimization in multi-hop wireless netwks with multi-packet reception directional antennas", ieee transactions on parallel distributed systems, vol.22, no. 7, pp. 1206 1213, july 2011. br / br / br / m.f, guo, x. wang m.y. wu, “on the capacity of k-mpr wireless netwks usingbr / multi-channel multi-interface,” computer netwks, 2011.br / br / br / m.f, guo, x. wang m.y. wu, “on the capacity of k-mpr wireless netwks,” ieeebr / transactions on wireless communications, vol. 8, no. 7, pp. 38763886, july 2009.br / br / br / c. xie, n. ghani, q. liu, w. shu, a. gumaste, y. qiao, m.y. wu s. peng, “trafficbr / engineering f ethernet over sonet/sdh (eos): advances frontiers,” ieee netwk,br / pp.18–25, may/june 2009.br / br / br / x. li, w. shu, m. li, h.y. huang, p.e. luo m.y. wu, “perfmance evaluation ofbr / vehicle-based mobile sens netwks f traffic moniting,” ieee transaction on vehic-br / ular technology, vol.58, no.4, pp. 1647–1653, may 2009.br / br / br / j. crichigno, w. shu m.y. wu, “protocols architectures f channel assignmentbr / in wireless mesh netwks,” ad hoc netwks, no. 6, pp. 1051–1077, june 2008.br / br / br / h. huang, p. luo, m. li, d. li, x. li, w. shu, m. y. wu, “perfmance evaluation ofbr / suvnet with real-time traffic data,” ieee trans. on vehicular technology, vol. 56, no. 6,br / november 2007.br / br / br / y. zhu, y. jin, w. sun, w. guo, w. hu, w.d zhong m.y. wu, “multicast flow aggregationbr / in ip over optical netwks,” ieee journal on ed areas in communicationsbr / (jsac), vol. 25, no. 5, pp. 1011–1021, june 2007.br / br / br / m.y. wu, s.j. ma, w. shu, “scheduled video delivery — a scalable on-dembr / video delivery paradigm,” ieee transactions on multimedia, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 179–187,br / february 2006.br / br / br / ed conference papersbr / br / br / l. kong, m. xia, x.y. liu, m.y. wu x. liu, "data loss reconstruction in sens netwks," ieee infocom, april 2013.br / br / br / l. kong, d. jiang m.y. wu, “optimizing the spatio-tempal distribution of cyber-br / physical systems f environment abstraction,” icdcs, june 2010.br / br / br / m.c. zhao, j. lei, m.y. wu, y. liu w. shu, “surface coverage in wireless sensbr / netwks,” infocom, april 2009.br / br / br / x. li, w. shu, m. li, p.e. luo, h. huang m.y. wu, “traffic data processing inbr / vehicular sens netwks,” icccn, august 2008.br / br / br / h. dai, k. ng m.y. wu, “on the capacity of multi-channel wireless netwks usingbr / directional antennas,” infocom, april 2008.br / br / br /
2011-2013 national science foundation of china 360,000 yuanbr / “low-interference wireless ad-hoc netwks” (pi)br / 2010-2012 intel cp. $30,000br / “green proxy f wireless netwks” (pi)br / 2008-2010 national science foundation of china 280,000 yuanbr / “architecture algithm study f the next generation wireless grid” (pi)br / 2008-2010 ministry of education of china 100,000 yuanbr / “protocol design perfmance of wireless netwks based on calradio” (pi)br / 2007-2010 national 863 plan of china 1,000,000 yuanbr / “key technology f distributed multi-task optical grid“ (co-pi with w. guo)br / 2006-2011 national 973 plan of china 28,000,000 yuanbr / “research on fundamental they critical technoloies f wireless sensbr / netwks“ (co-pi with l. ni etc.)br / 2006-2008 national science foundation of china 210,000 yuanbr / “they applications of mechanism design in strategic distributed systems” (pi)br / 2005-2006 national 863 plan of china 500,000 yuanbr / “optical grid: architecture, middleware, applications“ (co-pi with w. guo)br / 2005 national science foundation of china 80,000 yuanbr / “a scalable all-wireless grid structure study of related algithms” (pi)br / 2000-2003 sia national labaty $35,000br / “perfmance measurement, benchmarking, modeling, tuning f cplant” (pi)br / 2000-2002 albuquerque high perfmance computing center $150,000br / “research projects on access grid” (pi with t. caudell w. shu)br / 1999 national science foundation $45,000br / equipment grant, “gigabit netwk kit” (co-pi with w. shu)br / 1998 concurrent computer cpation, inc. $110,000br / equipment grant, “mediahawk system” (co-pi with r.f. demara r. eaglin)br / 1996-2000 national science foundation $242,237br / “realistic uncheatable benchmarks” (co-pi with j.y. cai)br / 1996-1999 national science foundation $101,438br / “parallelization of scheduling algithms” (pi)br / 1991-1994 advanced research projects agency $1,866,038br / “scalable ptable ftran90d-high perfmance ftran f parallelbr / computers” (co-pi with g. fox, a.choudhary, s. ranka)br /

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