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Office Address: SEIEE-3-531

Email: shen-lp@cs.sjtu.edu.cn

Lab: E-Learning Laboratory

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My research focuses on pervasive and adaptive learning technologies. I am interested in how to adopt the emerging ICT technologies to improve the performance of e-Learning. We are now exploring the emotion evolvement during learning process and how to leverage emotion feedback to provide adaptive e-Learning system.  As a board member of Chinese e-Learning Technology Standardization Committee and co-editor of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36 project 12785, I am also interested in the standardization of exchangable and reusable learning resources. I am currently in charge of the constitution of several Chinese e-Learning Technology Standards, including Content Packaging and Course Sequencing. 

2002~2008 Ph.D Eng., Computer Science, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China. 
1997~2000  M. Eng, Circuits and Systems, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China. 
1989~1992 Studied for B. Eng, Electronic Engineering, Xian Jiaotong University, Xian, China.

Associate Prof., Shanghai Jiaotong University,  2008 ~ present (Lecturer for 2000~2008). 
Research staff at e-Learning Lab , investigated on adaptive learning technologies and learning technology standards. 

Academic Visitor, Computer Lab,University of Cambridge.    Mar. 2010 ~ Feb. 2011
Working with Prof. Jean Bacon in the Personal and Social Communication Services for Health and Lifestyle Monitoring(PAL) Project 

Academic Visitor, University of Essex, UK.    Sep. 2006 ~ Jan. 2007
Collaborated with Prof. Victor Callaghan in area of Pervasive e-Learning and intelligent home environment.  The emotion-aware e-Learning work was reported by New Scientist 

Engineer, Shenzhen Liming Network Systems Shanghai Branch, Shanghai,  1996 ~ 1997. 
Worked on Network System Integration, Cisco routers debugging and installation. 

1. Computer Networks    (undergraduates, spring term)
2. Web Services and .NET Framework  (undergraduates, spring term, taught in English)
3. Signals and Systems     (undergraduates)

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1. NSFC Grant:  Research on Affective e-Learning Model Based on Multimodal Emotion Recognition (2009~2011, 1st investigator, Grant No. 60873132)
2. 863 Grant:  Research on Context-aware Multi-modal Interaction Model and Key Technologies (2007~2009, 2nd investigator, Grant No. 2007AA01Z157)
3. Microsoft Grant:  "Web Services and .NET Framework" courseware and textbook (2008~2009,1st investigator)
4. MOE Grant:  Research on e-Learning Technology Standardization (2008~2009,1st investigator)
Board member of Chinese e-Learning Technology Standardization Committee (2002~present)

Program Chair of 10th Intelligent Environment 2014 (http://www.intenv.org)

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