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Lab: UDS-SJTU Joint Research Lab for Language Technology Laboratory

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1) use machine learning methods to solve the problems of natural language processing.
2) focus on Internet-based information retrieval and extraction, such as hot topic/event detection and tracking, topic/event evolution, news event extraction and so on.
3) apply database technologies for different applications.

Research Demo:
1) news clustering system: http://lt-lab.sjtu.edu.cn:8080/CorpusSystem/
2) news event analysis system: http://lt-lab.sjtu.edu.cn:8080/CorpusSystem/thread.jsp?q=
I graduated from the department of Computer Science, Shanghai JiaoTong University with Master degree in 1988. After that I became an assistant teacher, a lecturer and an associate professor in the department. During the period of Feb.1993 to Dec. 1994, I was in the Konstanz University, Germany for research work on machine translation project. From Sept.1998 to Sept.2000, I was in the Technical University of Berlin, Germany for two years Ph.D studies. In Dec. 2002, I got Ph.D.
1988 ~ now: I have been working in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University.

1998~2000: got a scholarship from Technische Universit?t Berlin for Ph.D research

1993~1994: got a scholarship from German government in the University of Konstanz as exchange scholar. 

1. The principle of Database System 
see the web site:  http://www.cs.sjtu.edu.cn/~li-fang/DB.htm

2. Internet-based Information extraction technologies:
see the web site:  http://www.cs.sjtu.edu.cn/~li-fang/IEdescription.htm 

3. Object-oriented Programming Language 

4.   Object-oriented Analysis and Design

5. The advanced Database Technologies
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NSFC grant for research on "Threads and topics detection for news event" 2009~2011
Intel grant for " Teenage Interests Analysis Based on user behaviour and Web access log" in 2008
International cooperation project for "An Intelligent Platform for Information Retrieval" in 2006

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