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Lab: Intelligent Speech Technology Laboratory

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Speech & Language understanding and human computer interaction
Large vocabulary continuous speech recognition
Discriminative training of acoustic models
Robust speech recognition
Multilingual speech recognition and Low-resource speech recognition
Deep learning based speech signal processing
Multimedia Signal Processing
GPU and SOC based fast speech recognition
2007.08-2013.01  Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, Ph.D.
2003.09-2007.07  Department of Electronic and Information Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, B.E.
Journal Papers
1.Qian Yanmin, Liu Jia, Johnson Michael T. (2009)
Efficient embedded speech recognition for very large vocabulary Mandarin car-navigation systems.
IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronic, 2009, 55(3):1496-1500.
2.Qian Yanmin, Shan Yuxiang, Wang Linfang, Liu Jia (2012).
Improvement comparison of different lattice-based discriminative training methods in Chinese-Monolingual and Chinese-English Bilingual speech recognition.
ACTA AUTOMATICA SINICA, 2012, 38(7):1162-1168.
3.Qian Yanmin, Xu Ji, Liu Jia .
Multi-Stream posterior features and combining Subspace Gmms for low resource LVCSR.
Chinese Journal of Electronics.
4.Qian Yanmin, Liu Jia(2009). 
Cross-entropy OSF-based voice activity detection algorithm.
Tsinghua Science and Technology, 2009, 49(10):87-90.
5.Qian Yanmin, Liu Jia(2013).
Optimized data selection strategy based unsupervised acoustic modeling for low data resource speech recognition.
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English speech recognition system on chip.
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7.Deng Yan, Zhang Weiqiang, Qian Yanmin, Liu Jia.(2011).
Language recognition based on acoustic diversified phone recognizers and phonotactic feature fusion.
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8.Deng Yan, Zhang Weiqiang, Qian Yanmin, Liu Jia.(2011).
Time-Frequency cepstral features and combining discriminative training for phonotactic language recognition.
Journal of Computers, 2011, 6(2):178-183.
9.Yuan Hua, Qian Yanmin, Zhao Junhong, Liu Jia.(2012).
Mispronunciation detection with an optimized detection network and multi-layer perception based features.
Tsinghua Science and Technology, 2012, 52(4):557-560+570.

Peer Reviewed Conference Papers
1.Qian Yanmin, Liu Jia. (2010) 
Phone model and combining discriminative training for Mandarin-English bilingual speech recognition.
ICASSP 2010.
2.Qian Yanmin, Liu Jia. (2010) 
Mandarin-English bilingual phone modeling and combining MPE based Discriminative training for cross-language speech recognition.
ISCSLP 2010.
3.Qian Yanmin, Povey Daniel, Liu Jia. (2011) 
State-Level data borrowing for low-resource speech recognition based on Subspace GMM Models. 
InterSpeech 2011.
4.Qian Yanmin, Xu Ji, Povey Daniel, Liu Jia. (2011) 
Strategies for using MLP based features with limited target-language training data. 
ASRU 2011.
5.Qian Yanmin, Liu Jia. (2012) 
Articulatory feature based multilingual MLPs for low-resource speech recognition. 
InterSpeech 2012.
6.Qian Yanmin, Liu Jia.(2012) 
Cross-Lingual and ensemble MLPs strategies for low-resource speech recognition.
InterSpeech 2012.
7.Qian Yanmin, Liu Jia. (2013) 
MLP-HMM Two-Stage Unsupervised Training for Low-Resource Languages on Conversational Telephone Speech Recognition.
InterSpeech 2013.
8.Qian Yanmin, Kai Yu, Liu Jia. (2013)
Combination of Data Borrowing Strategies for Low-Resource LVCSR.
ASRU 2013.
9.Xu Ji, Qian Yanmin, Liu Jia (2011)
Utilizing auxiliary data in phoneme recognition based on articulatory feature.
ICCSN 2011.
10.Deng Yan, Zhang Weiqiang, Qian Yanmin, Liu Jia(2010)
Integration of complementary phone recognizers for phonotactic language recognition.
ICICA 2010.
11.Povey Daniel, Ghoshal Arnab, Qian Yanmin, et al. (2011)
The Kaldi speech recognition toolkit.
ASRU 2011.
12.Povey Daniel, Hannemann Mirko, Qian Yanmin, et al. (2012)
Generating exact lattices in the WFST framework.
ICASSP 2012.
High Performance Speech and Speaker Recognition System

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