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Lab: Cryptology and Computer Security Laboratory

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pseudorandomness, leakage-resilient cryptography, etc.
1999-2003      Fudan University                     Department of Computer Science        Bachelor of Science
2003-2006      Nanyang Technological University     School of Computer Engineering         Doctor of Philosophy
2006-2008     T-Systems Singapore                ICT Security Laboratory        Cryptographic Analyst
2008-2011     Université catholique de Louvain  UCL Crypto Group               Post-doctoral Researcher 
2012-2013     Tsinghua University              IIIS (fomerly ITCS)             Tenure-Track Assistant Professor
I taught "fundamentals of cryptography" at Yao class.

Yu Yu, Xiangxue Li, Jian Weng. "Pseudorandom Generators from Regular One-way Functions: New Constructions with Improved Parameters", to appear in the 19th Annual International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptology and Information Security (ASIACRYPT 2013), also available at eprint report 2013/270.

Fran?ois-Xavier Standaert, Olivier Pereira, Yu Yu, “Leakage-Resilient Symmetric Cryptography Under Empirically Verifiable Assumptions”, in the Proceedings of the 33rd International Cryptology Conference (CRYPTO 2013), pp. 335-352.

Yuanyuan Zhou, Yu Yu, Fran?ois-Xavier Standaert, Jean-Jacques Quisquater. "On the Need of Physical Security for Small Embedded Devices: a Case Study with COMP128-1 Implementations in SIM Cards", in the proceedings of the 17th Financial Cryptography and Data Security (FC 2013), pp. 230-238.

Yevgeniy Dodis, Yu Yu, “Overcoming Weak Expectactions”, In the proceedings of the 10th Theory of Cryptography Conference (TCC 2013), pp. 1-22.  invited submission to Journal of Cryptology.

Yu Yu,  Fran?ois-Xavier Standaert,  “Practical Leakage-Resilient Pseudo-Random Objects with Minimum Public Randomness”, In Proceedings of the Cryptographer’s Tracker at RSA Conference 2013 (CT-RSA 2013), pp.223-239. 

Yevgeniy Dodis, Yu Yu, “Overcoming Weak Expectactions”, To appear in Information Theory Workshop (ITW 2012), invited paper.

Yu Yu, “Two-Source Extractors for Leaky Sources”, in Proceedings of Information Theory Workshop (ITW 2012).

Boaz Barak, Yevgeniy Dodis, Hugo Krawczyk, Olivier Pereira, Krzysztof Pietrzak, Fran?ois-Xavier Standaert, Yu Yu, “Leftover Hash Lemma, Revisited”, In Proceedings of the 31st International Cryptology Conference (CRYPTO 2011), pp. 1-20, accepted to Journal of Cryptology (pending minor revisions), 

Yu Yu, Fran?ois-Xavier Standaert, Olivier Pereira,  “Practical Leakage-Resilient Pseudo-Random Generator”, In Proceedings of 17-th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS 2010), pp. 141-151, ACM Press, 2010.

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