State Key Laboratory Co-founded by Shanghai and the Ministry of Science and Technology, Shanghai Scalable Computing & System Key Laboratory

State Key Laboratory Co-founded by Shanghai and the Ministry of Education, Shanghai Key Laboratory of Scalable Computing & System is affiliated to the key national discipline computer science and technology of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Based on applied basic research, guided by major national demand, laboratory actively carry out researches and application transformations of dynamic, autonomic and scalable computing theory, technology and system, which is based on the network and can meet the growing demand in application, size, data, software, safety and reliability, etc. The director of the laboratory is Prof. Guan Haibing, the director of the academic committee is academician He Jifeng, and the deputy directors are academician Mei Hong and Prof. Ni Mingxuan.


The scalability is that the service quality of computing system can realize linear or approximate linear increase as the adding of the hardware and software systems, under a certain application background. Laboratory focuses on efficient scalable computing, data storage and analysis, scalable network, high reliable security mechanism. The scalable computing and system has positive significance in promoting the fundamental research of computer architecture, computer software and theory and computer application.


Among 42 existing fixed researchers, laboratory has 2 Central Organization Department "Excellent Academic Leaders of Shanghai " professors, 2 "Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts" scholars, 3 winners of national outstanding youth fund, 1 education innovation team leader, 11 education new century excellent talents and a group of young academic backbone. In the last five years, laboratory has published more than 500 papers in top journals and conferences, applied 64 patents, and has been awarded 58 patents. Laboratory researchers have won 7 national, provincial-level awards. Laboratory undertakes the national "973", "863", the national natural science fund major projects, the national science and technology major projects and support projects, Shanghai science and technology major, key projects, major international cooperation Singapore CREATE planning programs, and the scientific funds in recent five years has exceeded 150 million yuan.

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