Key Laboratory of Shanghai Education Commission for Intelligent Interaction and Cognitive Engineering (IICE)

Intelligent interaction and cognitive engineering is a multidisciplinary research field involving subjects such as computer science, neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, linguistics and electronic engineering etc. Current computers reflect only strict rational thinking, while intelligent interaction and cognitive engineering will provide them with the ability of perceptual thinking. This is a fundamental change of the general artificial intelligence framework. With machine cognition, during interaction, machine can understand users’ need in rich contexts and present appropriate response. An important goal of cognitive interaction technology is to approach human performance in perceiving, understanding and expressing emotion, which will lead to harmonious human-computer interfaces.


The IICE Laboratory will explore the mechanism and the cognitive process of how the brain processes information and provide theory and engineering approaches for efficient and intelligent information processing. It is also devoted to developing user-friendly, robust and evolvable human-computer interaction systems with multiple modalities including brain signal, image, speech and text.


Intelligent interaction and cognitive engineering not only expands the traditional computer science and engineering research fields to multidisciplinary cognitive computing, but also promotes the research of machine intelligence to a higher level by employing the human cognitive process. It is a new and promising direction of future computer applications, which is also an important component of artificial intelligence and computer applications in the future.


On the intelligent interaction side, the IICE Laboratory will focus on human-machine interaction via brain, image, speech and text. On the cognitive engineering side, the lab will primarily carry out research on affective computing and cognitive dialogue systems.


The director of the IICE Laboratory is Prof. Lu Baoliang. The director of the academic committee is academician Zhang Bo, professor of the Department of Computer Science and Technology of Tsinghua University and part-time professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of SJTU.

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