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The Institute of Network and Service Computing is engaged in the study of network computing, mobile network, WiFi, information communication, service computing and big data analysis. At present, there are 10 teachers and about 70 postgraduates in the institute, under the management of the Principal, Professor Minglu Li. This institute was founded in 2003, the predecessor of which was known as Network Computing Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Since its establishment, the institute has led a number of domestically and internationally influential research projects, like project “wireless sensor network” in the 973 Program, “Shanghai Network” (one of the major projects from Shanghai Science and Technology Committee) and “Power Grid” (a key project from NSFC). Its main achievements were granted many awards including National Science and Technology Progress Award, MOE Science and Technology Progress Award and Science and Technology Progress Award in Shanghai, and were applied to various fields, such as transportation, metro, power safety, aircraft design and medicine design. More than 50 of its papers were published in top journals and meetings at home and aboard.


The institute of Network and Service Computing has established extensive partnerships with many enterprises, including Microsoft, IBM, Intel, etc. Meanwhile, the institute also has long-term cooperative relations with some world-famous academic institutions and scholars. In recent years, it has presided over a number of famous meetings, among which were INFOCOM 2011 and IPDPS2012, etc.

The architecture-driven reliable software structure analysis system


China Grid: China Education and Research Grid


China Education Network is the second largest IP backbone network in China that covers all the provincial capitals. With the backbone being 2.5Gbps DWDM and a total outgoing bandwidth outside China of 324Mbps, it covers about 10 million users in over 1,000 colleges and universities in about 200 cities. China Education and Research Grid provides a campus grid platform and a public platform of China Grid. Grid application platform and representative grid applications include image processing grid, bioinformatics grid, online course grid, computable fluid dynamics grid and large-scale information processing grid.

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