Institute of Computer Architecture

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The Institute of Computer Architecture mainly focuses on the researches of advanced computer architecture, wireless sensor network and Internet architecture. Currently it is comprised of Wireless Sensor Network Lab, Advanced Computer Systems Architecture Lab and Internet Computing Lab. The institute maintains cooperative relations with teams from a number of universities and companies at home and abroad.

Low-Power and Self-Adaptive Computer Architecture


Researches on variable latency scheme for variation tolerance

-- Variable latency scheme for microprocessor RF and ALU

-- Add flexibility at architecture design time and tune at post-fabrication time

-- Combined variable latency and voltage interpolation scheme



Researches on low-Power processor architecture

-- Novel architecture for overall energy efficiency and variation tolerance

-- Application of dynamic memory in GPU

-- Fine-grained voltage regulation in the chips

Sustainable Architectures and Integration Laboratory

Wireless and Sensor Networks Laboratory

Advanced Computer Architecture Laboratory

Network Science and Internet Computing


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